National Inclusion Carnival

Footage - 2019 Carnival
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Intermediate - Advanced
Intellectual Disability

The AFL National Inclusion Carnival is an annual representative carnival for athletes with an intellectual disability, with every state and territory represented. The carnival not only provides Australia’s most talented footballers the chance to represent their State/Territory, but is also an opportunity to showcase the significant abilities of footballers with an intellectual disability to the broader community.

How does the Inclusion Carnival Work?

The Carnival is played as per traditional Australian football rules, with adjustments to the playing numbers with 12 v 12 on field, and 4 players on each bench. 

The event falls under the classification of Sport Inclusion Australia where players are required to meet classification guidelines to ensure the integrity of the event is upheld.           

Playing football is a major focus of the Carnival, however it is also an opportunity for players to develop their independence with living away from home for a week. Also, through attending education sessions and running coaching clinics within special schools, the Carnival develops footballers as role models thereby providing a sense of belonging in the community.

For more information around the rules & by-laws of the Carnival please click on the link below.                

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How to get Involved

Each state and territory are at different stages in terms of the programs they offer. We suggest you contact your AFL affiliated body to find out the finer details to best support you. Please click the below link which will direct you to the contact details of our AFL affiliated bodies.

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