Male Kickstart Program (Diversity Champs)

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Under 16
Beginner - Advanced
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
The AFL Diversity Programs are taking a new direction in line with the National Talent Pathway in relation to the National Diversity Championships (Kickstart and All Nations Programs, both Male and Female).
Rather than a National Championships, the AFL will provide funding to the State bodies to run high-performance talent and leadership programs that will transition into the National AFL Indigenous and Multicultural Programs. This new locally run format will allow a greater number of young (under 15) Multicultural and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander players to be involved and exposed to state based talent and leadership programs.
Each State will be given an allocated number of positions to select players for the National Flying Boomerangs, Woomeras, World Team and Medley’s programs. The selected players will be flown to a National week long camp/s.
For more information about your state run programs, please contact your state AFL Diversity Manager. 

The Program Experience

Callum AhChee, 2011 Kickstart Participant, now playing for the Gold Coast Suns:

The Kickstart Champs is where my footy journey started to kick off. It was definitely one of my favourite footy camps. We flew to Gold Coast (which is quite coincidental) not knowing how we were gonna go. We left the coast as close knit brothers with the Kickstart trophy in hand. The bonds I formed with the boys were unbelievable. The champs helped massively to get to where I am today and I can't thank everyone who was involved enough. It definitely bettered me as a leader on and off the field and from then on it put me in good stead for my future in football. I'll never forget the influence it had on me as a person and footballer. The week at the Kickstart Champs gave me a lot of confidence in my ability to push out of my comfort zone and it became much easier travelling interstate with different teams in the future. I'll never forget that trip and the boys I played alongside.


Participants at the Kickstart Championships have been selected through their state kickstart selection trails. To find out more about your state selection trials please contact your state AFL Indigenous Programs manager.

Indigenous Programs

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