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Blindness & Low Vision

AFL Blind is a new adapted version of Australian Rules football which enables people with blindness or low vision, through modifications to equipment and rules, to play our great game. 

How is AFL Blind Played?

A game of AFL Blind looks and feels like traditional Australian football, with slight adaptions to rules and modifications to equipment, it provides the support required to play a game of football.

Games are played indoors, which provides a controlled environment to allow players to utilise their hearing. The football has a USB charging port and an electronic beeper inserted to produce sound loud enough to assist with tracking the ball. To assist with identifying the centre and location of the goals, there are flashing lights behind the goals, high contrast backdrops hung behind the goals, and goal umpires how rattle shakers when the football enters the scoring zone.  

For more information around the rules and regulations please click on the below link.

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How to get Involved

AFL Blind is in it's infancy and has gone through the development and testing phases in Victoria, and therefore opportunities across the country are limited. To enquire about what is available in your location we suggest you contact your AFL affiliated body. To find contact details please click on the link below.    

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