National Wheelchair Championships

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Wheelchair Aussies Rules was created in partnership between Disability Sports Australia and the Australian Defence Force, to provide footballers with or without a disability the opportunity to play a competitive game of football. Disability Sport Australia as the governing body, host the National Wheelchair Championships with the support of the AFL. 

How is Wheelchair Aussie Rules played?

The game is played between two teams of five, plus interchange players. The field is a rectangular indoor court divided into thirds (like netball), with goal posts at either end of the field. Similar to AFL 9's, players are assigned to the position of either a defender, centre or forward with the forwards the only players who are able to score.

There is no kicking of the ball, where a hand ball is equivalent to a kick and an underarm throw, below shoulder height, comparable to a hand pass. 

For more information on the rules of Wheelchair Aussie rules please click on the below link.

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How to Get Involved

The sport of Wheelchair Aussie Rules is in its early stages of development and therefore participation programs are limited across the country. Please click the below link which will direct you to the contact details of all our AFL affiliated bodies, to explore the opportunities within your area. 

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